App Testing Boilerplate

App Testing Boilerplate

Smart Web App

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We are triggering a systematic change in web apps development


Instant deploys

An exceptional experience for developers. Models, templates, handlers and routes - ready for instantaneous deployment and prototyping.



A cross-platform responsive system with a standardized user model for a more unified, scalability-ready, user experience.


Easy, powerful and low-cost

A super low-costs, high-performance, cloud service leveraging the use of Google AppEngine (what is this?) and its Free Quotas.

Quick prototyping, astonishingly beautiful in the cheapest and most powerful cloud
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Tens of amazing technologies ready to use


Because beauty isn't only at front-end, this boilerplate includes beautiful technologies at its back-end. Among the most interesting you'll find: Python, NDB (unlimited scalability), WTForms, Babel, Jinja2, WebApp2.


Integrations ready to implement, all of them with a promising future: HTML5, MaterializeCSS, Google APIs: Maps, NLP and Vision;HighCharts, D3, ChartistJS, Data Tables, Slack, Zendesk, Sendgrid, Mailchimp, CartoDB, and many more!

  • Innate benefits (Google AppEngine)

    (1) Ideal choice for getting your idea out quickly and seeing if there is a viable market (2) Zero to App in a few minutes, no other provider out there gets you set up and developing in as little time (3) Admin interface that gives access to everything you need (4) Excellent documentation as well as active stack overflow community (5) Free for vast quotas, but you can calculate how much you need to pay when you have proven there's a viable market (6) Amazing performance and real-time on-the-go monitoring (7) Custom domain if you need or free (8) Scaling is automagical.

  • Essential features (GAE Boilerplate)

    (1) Authentication: login, logout, register (2) Login via your favorite social network (3) Reset password (4) Update user profile (5) Contact form (6) Client side and server side form validation (7) Automatic detection of user language (8) Support for many languages (9) Visitors log (10) Notifications and confirmation for users when they change their email or password (11) Responsive design for viewing on PCs, tablets, and mobile phones (12) Mobile device recognition (13) Unit testing (14) Error handling (15) Basic user management features available under /admin/ for GAE Administrators.

  • Security and passwords (GAE Boilerplate)

    (1) SSL is enabled site wide by adding secure: always to the section: - url: /.* in app.yaml (2) SSL either requires a free google app engine * domain or a custom domain and certificate (3) Alternatively SSL can be enabled at a controller level via webapp2 schemes. Use the secure_scheme provided in (4) It is recommended to enable ssl site wide to help prevent session hijacking (5) Passwords are hashed and encrypted with SHA512 and PyCrypto (6) Forms are secured through cross-site request forgery protection.

  • Additional perks (MBoilerplate)

    (1) Dropbox-inspired referrals system for users to invite with their unique link (2) Rewards system for you to praise users' loyalty (3) Pre-loaded web components for easier chart generation (4) Beautiful email templates for a bunch of situations (5) Pretty server-client messaging through toast, dismissible, swipeable notifications (6) API Key - based handlers for complete REST API (7) Enabled Endpoints for Google-based API as mobile backend for running cloud endpoint clients such as Android and iOS apps (8) Image handling ready ! Dispatching files using Google's NDB Blob Properties and Google Images API (9) Konami-code surprise for the fun of it (10) Super easy blogging tool (11) Profile connection to favorite social networks (12) Beautiful examples using Polymer, CartoDB, Google Maps API, Google NLP API, Google Vision API (13) Simple emailing tool for newsletter (14) Easy branding with colors, images and landing layout be continued...

The source is the source, of course, of course...

After all charm, it wouldn't be love if you couldn't own it. So go for it ! Also if you want to see technologies in action, don't hesitate and register to find it out. Additionally, if you want some help just reach me out and I can do it for you but charges apply for laziness.